Many of us want a straighter, more attractive smile. An emerging leader in orthodontics, ClearCorrect offers state-of-the-art tooth alignment at a price you and your family can afford.

With ClearCorrect, patients enjoy significant smile improvement without the pain and embarrassment associated with metal braces. In most cases, friends and colleagues won’t even be able to tell you’re wearing aligners.

Additionally, clear braces are designed to resist wear-and-tear and staining giving you years of use without damage or replacement.

Benefits of ClearCorrect Braces:

  • Translucent, stain-resistant material
  • More comfortable fit
  • 30-50 percent less expensive than Invisalign
  • Long-lasting improvement to your smile

Get a Straighter Smile with ClearCorrect

At Amar Pawar DDS, we believe all patients should be able to achieve a straighter smile without the unsightliness and discomfort of metal braces. Call 916-235-6212 today for more information about aligning teeth with ClearCorrect

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