Post Op Instructions

It can be common for our patients to feel anxious or worried before any type of dental procedure. However, at Amar Pawar DDS, we believe by informing our patients about what to expect before, during, and after any treatments, we can alleviate almost any and all concerns.

Below are some tips to ensure a successful surgery and a fast recovery:

Before Anesthesia:

Before coming in for surgery, or a procedure that requires anesthesia, you should not drink or eat for 8 hours, or smoke for 12. Also, you will need someone to drive you home after the treatment has ended, and discuss any medications with Dr. Pawar. Finally, please remove any jewelry, dentures, or eye contacts before your procedure.

After Wisdom Tooth Removal:

After your wisdom teeth are removed, Dr. Pawar will pack gauze over the extraction site to help with the bleeding. Patients should leave the gauze in place for close to an hour (approximately 45 mins) and refrain from drinking any liquids. Also, please do not use a straw for any reason during the entire healing process. If there is any discomfort, Dr. Pawar can prescribe medications. Generally, you can resume normal activities 24 hours after the surgery.

After Dental Implant Surgery:

After dental implant surgery, you should not partake in any activities for 48-72 hours to expedite the healing process. Drink fluids, apply ice packs (as needed), avoid blowing your nose for 2 weeks, and DO NOT chew directly on the bone grafts.

After an Impacted Tooth:

Impacted teeth can cause a more difficult extraction process, as it is more firmly implanted in your jaw bone. After the extraction of an impacted tooth, patients should utilize cold compresses and ice packs to reduce the swelling. Also, ask Dr. Pawar to prescribe pain killers as needed.

Multiple Tooth Extractions:

When you have multiple teeth removed, it can lead to swelling around the eyes and the mouth, as well as a sore throat in the 48 hours after surgery. To alleviate these conditions, and any accompanying discoloration, apply a warm compress and contact Dr. Pawar if the pain amplifies.

Sinsational Smile Post Op Instructions:

Here are a few tips for maintaining beautiful teeth after your in-office whitening procedure:

  • Avoid dark foods such as coffee, tea, red wine, blueberries, curries, marinar sauce, and dark sodas for at least 24 hours.
  • Use your take-home whitening pen the first night after your in-office treatment.  Then, continue using it once a day at night.
  • Follow the home care whitening pen instructions carefully.  First, brush whitening gel onto the teeth.  Second, insert the in-office treatment tray into the mouth, keeping the tongue off the teeth and relaxing your jaw.  After 20 minutes, remove the tray and rinse it for daily use.  Do NOT rinse the gel off your teeth after treatment.
  • Have your teeth whitened with Sinsational Smile immediately after each cleaning appointment, or sooner, if desired.  Using the home care pen will help maintaint the whiter smile you desire between appointments.